The Insatiable Bark Beetle

by Dr. Reese Halter

insatiable bark beetle bookIn our ever-warming world, trillions of indigenous bark beetles are killing billions of mature conifers throughout the forests of western North America and around the world, as they embark on their largest and most destructive feeding frenzy in modern times. In areas where cold temperatures traditionally prevented these insects from thriving, our once-healthy but now water-starved trees are becoming more and more vulnerable to the voracious appetites of these destructive pests. With aspects of both our environment and the economy at stake, Dr. Reese Halter’s second RMB Manifesto provides information on the various types of beetles negatively impacting trees, descriptions of the ecosystems they currently inhabit, and an accessible look at the future humanity may face if we do not find ways to control greenhouse gas emissions and climate change, which are contributing factors to the ongoing spread of bark beetles.

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The Incomparable Honeybee

by Dr. Reese Halter

the incomparable honeybeeFrom Dr. Reese Halter comes a remarkable, concise account of the honeybees that have profoundly shaped our planet for the past 110 million years. They are the most important group of flower-visiting animals, pollinating more multi-billion-dollar crops and plants than any other living group. Since prehistoric times humans and honeybees have been inextricably linked. This book is rich with interesting and humbling facts: bees can count, they can vote, and honey has potent medicinal properties, able to work as an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant, even an antiseptic. The fate of the bees, whose numbers have been beleaguered most recently by colony collapse disorder, lies firmly in the hands of humankind. As such, it is our job to ensure their health, protect the habitats within which they live and communicate to others the vital link that human society shares with the remarkable honeybee.

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Artworld Digest Magazine

Since Artworld Digest was first published in March of 2006 we have been dedicated to promoting new and emerging artists in innovative platforms. Over the past three years we have worked with hundreds of artists to provide a printed outlet for a staggeringly diverse array of works spanning all mediums. We now have an online medium to allow artists to distribute their work in a printed form.

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Shepherding the Sea: The Race to Save our Oceans

by Dr. Reese Halter
shepherding the sea: the race to save our oceansEarth Dr. Reese Halter is proud to announce his 9th book ‘Shepherding the Sea: The Race to Save our Oceans’, an expose revealing the current state of the seas. Shepherding the Sea draws upon a quarter century studies and observations of Dr. Halter and four decades experience of sailing the oceans by Sea Shepherd Conservation Society founder, Captain Paul Watson.

Please join award winning broadcaster and distinguished conservation biologist Earth Dr. Reese Halter to discover why the vitality of the seas, and the protection of all sealife is crucial for our survival on this planet. With mystery, intrigue and endless passion, Shepherding the Sea is an accessible, compelling and essential read.


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*Audio book coming soon.

Life: The Wonder of it All

by Dr. Reese Halter
Life the wonder of it allJoin Earth Dr Reese Halter and Chris Maser as they share an incredible story — the story of “Life” as we know it on our blue planet. We will sojourn through the biophysical principles that govern all life. We will begin our journey with The Law of Cosmic Unification, which choreographs the ever-changing dance of life. Next, we present a chapter for each of the biophysical principles and how they govern the possibilities of life. In the final chapter, Where Do We Go From Here? is a discussion of “the commons,” which is everyone’s birthright, and the culmination presents the commons as a living trust of which we, the adults of the world, are the trustees (albeit under the control of the aforementioned biophysical principles) and the children of all generations are the beneficiaries not only of the commons but also of life—and the wonder of it all.


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