Life: The Wonder of it All


Join Earth Dr Reese Halter and Chris Maser as they share an incredible story — the story of “Life” as we know it on our blue planet. We will sojourn through the biophysical principles that govern all life. We will begin our journey with The Law of Cosmic Unification, which choreographs the ever-changing dance of life. Next, we present a chapter for each of the biophysical principles and how they govern the possibilities of life. In the final chapter, Where Do We Go From Here? is a discussion of “the commons,” which is everyone’s birthright, and the culmination presents the commons as a living trust of which we, the adults of the world, are the trustees (albeit under the control of the aforementioned biophysical principles) and the children of all generations are the beneficiaries not only of the commons but also of life—and the wonder of it all.

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