the ochre project:
an international interdisciplinary collaborative  multimedia creative effort to bring awareness. education. & change. for a humane & sustainable earth.

projects of the ochre project:

the blue project:
Effort to raise awareness, inform, support current efforts and incite change immediately For the Oceans and sealife. For the Oceans are essential, beautiful, unknown. and are being destroyed quickly.

I wear blue For the Oceans photo event: 
a virtual international collaborative creative effort to raise awareness to effect change. Each of us has the responsibility to be a voice for the oceans. The hope is to make a massive international united visual statement that will inspire, educate, and incite the proaction that is critically needed now.

Submit your blue photo to turn the planet blue for World Oceans Day.

ellabird books:
Ellabird Books seeks to provide an accessible platform for works of independent writers, artists, educators, scientists, proadvocates and proactionaries. It is a venue to showcase and address contemporary issues and provide ideas for a humane and sustainable earth.

Ellabird Books utilises green practices. Shipments are hand delivered to the post office using repurposed materials. Ellabird Books is active and involved with Million Trees NYC and adopts or plants a tree for every book or material sold.

bees. trees. & seas community:
Current affairs and education regarding the state of the earth and solutions toward a sustainable future.

Earth Calling SOS:
an Environmental Web-Broadcast by Dr. Reese Halter showcasing current nature issues and compelling solutions to protect our planet now.

the ochre project archive: dingoes:
an international artistic educational collaborative effort to bring awareness change and preservation to the dingoes of Australia. And eradicate the use of 1080. The voices for the dingoes photo event album will be released winter 2015/2016.

coming soon:
the sasha fund: fosterers for fosterers
xtrasketch: art works for good works

The Center For Contemporary Environmental Art is a (5101) (c)(3) not-for-profit dedicated to enabling artists who want to make a difference in people’s lives. The organization serves as a Think Tank and incubator for a more creative and sustainable future. The Ochre Project and its projects are honoured to be fiscally sponsored by CCEA.